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For over 20 years we have offered the best strategies and planning services available.

Wealth For Life founder Denver Nowicz is a fiduciary financial adviser with over 20 years in the industry.  Being an independent firm, Denver uses  a combination of techniques and strategies to access the best financial strategies and products the market has to offer.  He is not restricted or forced to offer certain products or strategies like many captive firms. With experience gained from helping hundreds of clients successfully improve their finances and their lives, Denver is driven by his clients’ success—nothing is more rewarding than creating a successful plan for a client to help ease or eliminate their financial stress, worries, and fears.

The Fiduciary Responsibility is always in the clients best interest first.

How Does Tax-Free Matching Strategy Work?


Protects Wealth from Future Tax Increases & Market Losses

Up to 3 to 1 Matching on Client Contributions

Strategy has over $2 Billion Funded & In Force

The Fastest Way to Create LARGE Tax Free Income Streams for Your Retirement



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What is your background?

Matt Battaglia is from NY, and graduated from UMass at Amherst. He has an extensive business career working in sales, mgmt, media and mktg fields. His first job was in his father’s vending business in Queens, NY.

Radio opportunities brought him to the valley in 1998 where he eventually became a minority owner of KFNX 1100, a talk station in Phoenix. He expanded his business career into different areas from media consulting to insurance / finance. Currently, he also consults with entrepreneurs, business owners, and high level executives on running businesses and financial areas.

His main area of focus is usually on the financial end – sales, marketing, cash flow, assets and equity. He lives with his wife and children in Phoenix, AZ.

What Strategies do you offer?

CFO Services for Business

Retain / Recruit for Top Talent

Financial Consulting 

Tax Planning

Retirement Planning 


What is your philosophy?

EK 101 – The Core Three

  • Game Plan
  • Architect
  • Engame

Business Rules

Finance Recap


What is the podcast?



The show where EntrepreneursTop Executives, Founders, and Investors come to share insights about the future of business.

AZ TRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, & how classic industries are evolving.

Common Topics Discussed: Startups, Founders, Funds & Venture Capital, Business, Entrepreneurship, Biotech, Blockchain / Crypto, Executive Comp, Investing, Stocks, Real Estate + Alternative Investments, and more…

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We provide financial innovation for top earning Executives and Entrepreneurs. We consult on retirment planning, income streams and investments. We also review corporate structures, financials and tax plans.