Business Roundtable is On-Air. Please check out all of the great guests who were kind enough to contribute their vast knowledge, and expertise to the show. Thank you all for helping build the show in year one. You can see the Guest list below. My apologies for anyone I may have missed.

There are many people behind the scenes who also contributed to the 45+ episodes in year 1. The Team at KFNX is responsible for all of the technical aspects from recording to editing, and a big thank you to all of them – Chet, Zac, Cody, LJ, Norm.

Of course the show would not happen without Producer Steve, who deserves a special mention. Steven is also one of the core staff at KFNX. Thanks to Francis, my brother and one time partner at KFNX. Also, I appreciate the support, feedback and encouragement (from day one) of the KFNX owner, Bill Brady, who greenlit the show.

Other honorable mentions go to my wife who helped with tons of organization and support. Brian Melman helped with feedback and business content, and appeared on the show too. He is a old friend, and business associate. Last but not least, the main contributor and guest; Denver Nowicz with He helped with the show layout, content, guest recs, and even the title. Denver has helped me in the financial industry, a good friend, and business partner.

The show was created as a voice for Entrepreneurs, Business Owners and High Level Executives to discuss the topics and issues they deal with on a regular basis. Operating a business can be complicated, and one must know sales, finance, investing, management, and marketing all at once. The Team you assemble and the people you associate with become invaluable. Hopefully in the last year we have provided some insights and advice with the knowledge of our guests.


Business Roundtable with Matt Battaglia

The place where entrepreneurs, top business leaders, the best ideas, and the biggest stories in business meet to discuss the future of business. Sundays at 7pm on 1100 KFNX


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Check out the great guests and topics we have covered in 2020.


Joseph Michelli – author of Stronger Through Adversity, a book on managing through the Pandemic with insights from 141 Executives from top companies

Adam Coffey – author of The Private Equity Playbook, tells what PE is, and how executives can operate and thrive in the PE environment

Jon Ostenson – of Franbridge Capital (.com), all the opps and processes of owning and running a franchise

Brad Ferguson – Sandler Sales on sales in traditional setup and now the virtual sales game

Dan Hughes CPA – CBIZ

Brandon Brown – with The Phoenix Business Journal covered both the restaurant beat and hospitality (hotels) industry

Eric Almassy on marketing and sales

Kent Craven – with FranNet on franchise industry

Josh Patrick – The Sustainable Business on management, finance and consulting for the business owner



Robert Reaburn – with Life Pro Asset Mgmt on stocks, risk, analyzing and investing

Denver Nowicz – with Wealth For Life (.net) on financial planning, insurance, investing and mush more in the world of finance

Tobias Carlisle – with Acquirers Multiple on Deep Value Investing and the lessons of the greats like Ben Graham

Meb Faber – of Cambria on international stocks and putting together a diversified portfolio

John Denza – of Erisx on Blockchain and Bitcoin and the next alternative investments for your portfolio


Real Estate:

Dan Lupien – Palmer Development on real estate and how the process comes together

Jim Belfiore – (and Steven Hensley) Belfiore Real Estate Consulting, covers Phoenix real estate market now, and in the future

Craig Coppola – of Lee & Associates on commercial real estate and his book – The Fantastic Life

Michael J Barnes – from Sun West Mortgage on the mortgage rates and overall market

Corina Vanek – with The Phoenix Business Journal covering the real estate market in Phoenix



Steven Zylstra – with AZ Tech Council on Phoenix tech industry, past and present, and beyond

Naru – from Aptus A.I. (artificial intelligence) on the future of A.I. in healthcare, military and business

James Bates – with AdviNOW Medical on A.I. in healthcare from the back office, to triage care, to assisting the Dr



Melissa Diaz – of Rebel Rock covers the cannabis industry from accounting to M&A

Alan Brochstein – with New Cannabis Ventures on all things investing in cannabis industry

Maurizio Terrigno – from Canadian Cannabis Chamber of Commerce on cannabis in Canada



Ike Devji – from Pro Asset Protection on asset protection for business owners and how to avoid lawsuits

Jack Wilenchik – of Wilenchik & Bartness PC on corporate law, forming a corporation and what business leaders need to monitor in the legal world

Todd Kartchner – of Fennimore Craig on Tech Law, I.P. and Blockchain

Adam Trenk – with Rose Law Group on Cannabis legal and regulations


Misc. Topics:

John Cassara on AML (Anti-Money Laundering)at

Michael Harrison – with Talkers on radio and podcasting at

Christina (Wagner) Erlandson – with Military Assistance Mission on helping military families in need

Steve Zabilski, Executive Director with St Vincent de Paul on helping feed, clothe, house, and heal those who need it most

Dr. Jeremy Babendure, Executive Director, SciTech Institute on STEM Education for children

Emily Anne Gullickson, CEO of A for Arizona on education in AZ

Michael Brewer, Founder and President at Hope & A Future, helping kids in foster care


You can search for more info on each of the guests (and the show and date they appeared) at the Business Roundtable podcast link.