Start With a Strategy Call

We start with an intro to get to know you. We need to determine if we are a good fit.

This will involve asking some basic questions about:

  • what concerns you are having
  • what you need help with
  • your background and industry
  • your business setup
  • your financial holdings


Create a Strategy

Assuming we are a fit, we schedule a 2nd call to do an intake of specific business and investment holdings. This will lead to a 3rd call to present strategies that may help. 


Process Execution

If you approve of the recommended strategy, we will proceed with the plan. This will probably involve signing documents, and likely a funds transfer. 



We move on to long term management of the strategy. We also can provide any further desired consulting. 

How it Works

Our Approach

We provide financial innovation for top earning Executives and Entrepreneurs. We consult on retirment planning, income streams and investments. We also review corporate structures, financials and tax plans.

EK 101 – Core Concepts


We believe it all starts with a good Gamplan.

Gameplans have both Offense (Income & Investments) & Defense (Structure & Tax Planning).

Concept 1


It’s not all Offense, or all Defense, it’s the Combo of Both – Balance.

Most Financial Plans only Focus on Offense (ie – stocks), ever chasing higher returns.

With no Defensive Component, Taxes drain your funds on the back end.

If you Save $15K a year in taxes in retirement, over 20 years = $300K in savings.

You need a Strategy that:

  • Makes Money whether the Market goes Up or Down
  • Has Tax Protection
  • Locks in Gains
  • Protects your Principal

Concept 2


Over the long term, Assets that appreciate are the best way to Grow Wealth.

These include Stocks, Real Estate, CV Life Insurance, Alternative Investments, and Commodities.

Owning a Cash Flowing Business can be your largest and best asset.

Having access to Capital (cash or credit lines) is crucial to Acquire Assets at Good Prices.

You never know when an Opportunity will arise to take Advantage of

Good Assets can:

  • Act as Security for Collateral to borrow money
  • Hedge against Inflation vs. holding cash that devalues over time
  • Provides Real Diversification in any economic climate by owning different Asset Classes

Concept 3

Income Streams

Business Professionals need a long term plan, to enhance their options.

We believe You should be able to Exit the Workplace on your Own Terms, not someone else’s.

Most professionals have not given enough thought to their future, particularly an Exit Strategy.

You’ve Worked Hard for what you’ve Earned. Now you need a Tax Control Plan for your Wealth.

Tax Free Matching Strategy:

  • Grows your Wealth 60% faster
  • Protects your Principal
  • Provides You a Tax Free Exit at Retirement ($0 Taxes)


Financial Consulting – Private Clients

We can consult with you on your financial setup to accomplish:

Strategy for where you are, and where we can help you go

Tax Planning to be more efficienct with your money

Retirement Plans for better income streams

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Business Consulting 

We can consult with you on your business to accomplish:

Recruit & Retain Top Talent without giving up Equity Positions

Improve Cash Flow thru review of the corporate structure and tax planning

Retirement Plans for better income streams for both Owners & Executives

    • Business Financial Review

We can provide different Consulting Services, like traditional financial planning to business consulting.

A Good Advisor can always be beneficial, especially Advisors who have worked in financial services for nearly two decades, specializing in Tax Minimization, Income Replacement, Future Income, and Asset Protection.

Asset Protection – 

The imporatnce of have financial paperwork and business docs in order cannot be over-stated.

Personal Checklist – insurance docs like life insurance and P&L, estate planning docs (wills, trusts, powers of attorney, etc.), passwords and banking info organized

We also have extensive Business Experience in: starting and running business, writing business plans, accounting and budgeting, building and managing teams, buying / selling companies, loan negotiation, working with investors, tax planning, sales, marketing / branding, and more.

All business owners need to think about succession plans, exit strategies, and legal protections from both lawsuits, and creditors.

Business Checklist – keyman insurance, buy/sell agreements, LLC setup, operating agreement, umbrella insurance, D&O (directors & officers) insurance

Trusts: There are numerous reasons to use trusts to protect certain assets (ie – real estate, or business).

Selling a Business:  When planning your Exit Strategy from a business, consider how the proceeds will be received.

Plan your strategy long in advance (before listing a business for sale), to get financial and corporate info in order.

The use of a Deferred Sales Trust can be a powerful asset in prolonging capital gains tax on sale proceeds.

We are able to Review:

    • Retirement Plans
    • Asset Protection Setup
    • Buy / Sell Agreements
    • Business Financials
    • Business Plans
    • Corporate Setups
    • Life Insurance
    • Long Term Care
    • Annuities
    • Certain Estate Docs

** We always recommend you talk with a legal (& accounting) specialist to see if your personal or corporate setup necessitates the above. 

Clients pay direct for certain Consulting Services requested. 

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Tax Planning 

    • Control Your Capital


Using the Tax Code to Reduce or eliminate Taxes can be one of the biggest things you do to Increase your Financial Security.

The Objective is to move more of your money into a long term Tax Free position. We usually use Insurance Strategies for our Clients to carry this out. (Multiplier Match being the most popular).

It is Important to have your funds Separated into 3 Types of Accounts:

      • Taxed – Normal W2 income (1099, salary, etc.), Investments (maybe Taxed at lower Cap Gains rates)
      • Tax Deferred – typical retirement accounts like 401K, IRA
      • Tax Free – Insurance Accounts, or Roth IRA

Most professionals have all of their money in the Taxed, or Tax Deferred categories which lacks balance. The Problem is all of your money is exposed to either the Current Government Tax Code – or the unpredictable Future Tax Code. Either way, you have less Certainty of what you will be paying.

Moving money into a Tax Free position can help you Increase your Wealth, and potentially save you six figures or more in taxes.

Tax Protection Client Example –

Let’s look at the Tax Brackets Strategy one of our clients is using to save a fortune in taxes.

The idea is simple. You combine taxable and tax free income streams during retirement to stay in lower tax brackets.

This can save six or seven figures in taxes over time:

For the client we set up a tax free income strategy over 10 years ago, and he’s now in the distribution phase…

$180,000 per year taxable
$100,000 per year tax free
=$280k in income

The taxable money fills up the lower brackets.

The $100,000 tax free would have normally been taxed at 24%.

Since it’s tax free this saves $24,000 per year.

$480,000 in tax savings over the next 20 years.

Keep that money earning interest and it could double or triple.

Historical Tax Rates have been as high as 70% for top earners. Do you think rates will got to 70% again? This may not happen, but what about increases of 5 or 10%?

This post gives a brief history of tax rates, and a breakdown example:

This blog reviews the Benefits of Insurance Strategies:

Click on the More Info button below to watch the Videos – or –

The Tax Protection Course

If you would like to figure out how much of your funds are in each type of Tax Account, you can Download the Tax Protection Worksheet Here:


Because these are Insurance Strategies, we receive payment (not from the Client)  direct from the company.

This Strategy is offered in a partnership with Wealth for Life

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Hidden Tax Threat for the Six Figure Earner


What You Don’t Know Could Cost You Six Figures  or More in Extra Taxes!


Download the Tax Guide to help Protect You from Long Term Tax Traps.



Income Planning

  • Determine Your Endgame

Retirement plans are about a few things:
    • reviewing financial needs
    • proper investment selection
    • tax planning
    • income projections
    • monitor progress

It is also recommend to to review current retirement plans, especially qualified plans like 401K, IRA, etc. Then you can determine if you are on track, or may need to Rollover funds into a different strategy.

We recommend you have some funds into a protected account that does not lose your principal, and locks in gains yearly.

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3 to 1 Tax Free Matching Plan

    • Create an Exit Strategy

We believe Everyone should be able to Exit the Workplace on their Own Terms, not someone else’s. We’re the Advisors who can Show You How.

We work with Entrepreneurs, Business Owners, and High Level Executives to Improve Cash Flow, and Pull Equity out of the business. The goal is to Grow your overall Net Worth. Your business may not sell for what you think it is worth, but there are options to Create an Exit Strategy that acts as your ‘Backup Plan’ if you decide not to sell.

We usually use Insurance Strategies for our Clients to carry this out. Tax Free Matching is our most popular strategy, because it has Many Benefits:

Tax Free Matching Brings Tax Free Money

        • Provides an Increase to Your Contributions of 260% (2.5x +)
        • ​Allows you to acquire Tax Free Assets
        • Provides Principal Protection & Locks in Gains
        • Unlocks Business Equity 
        • Secure a Baseline of Tax Free Income ​60 – 100% higher vs. saving on your own
        • Frees up Capital, offers Control,  and Reduces Financial Pressures to Save
        • Provides layers of Asset Protection 
        • Security to Partner with some of the Largest Financial Institutions 
        • Expands Options to Create a Better Retirement Plan
        • Controls Time by Catching up on Saving for Retirement
        • 5 and Done – make Contributions for a Definitive Timeline of 5 years, and then No More

A Good Return of Investment (ROI) is 25%. A much better ROI is 2 -3x (200 – 300%).

A Great ROI is 7 – 10X (700% +). That is what Tax Free matching can do for you.

Put in $250K over 5 years, and watch it Grow to be a $1.75 + Million Asset over the Long Term.

This process can be used by Management to Create a Plan for their Star Employees, hence you can Retain Top Talent wihout needed to give up any Business Equity. It also has All of the Same the Benefits from the Tax Protection strategy below.

High Level Executives can Design a Plan with Options, as if you own the business. Then, Executives can benefit from streams of Cash Flow, acquire Assets, have an Equity Position, and Create an Exit Strategy from your career. This all adds up to a Higher Net Worth.

Click on More Info below to watch the videos and learn the process.

Financial Innovation is one of the greatest way to Multiply Wealth. In essence, it helps you Create More Wealth with Less Capital. The key is financial leverage thru the use of Low Risk Assets.

You Borrow at a Low Rate, and Invest at a Higher Rate using OPM (other people’s money).

The analogy is similar to a real estate investment deal.  You need to Engineer Wealth, by not using all of your own capital.

For Examples Watch This Video:

Because these are Insurance Strategies, we receive payment (not from the Client)  direct from the company.

This Strategy is offered in a partnership with Wealth for Life

More Info:


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We provide financial innovation for top earning Executives and Entrepreneurs. We consult on retirment planning, income streams and investments. We also review corporate structures, financials and tax plans.