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BRT S01 EP8 3-29-20 – ‘BRT Sampler – Best Of Early 2020′

Topic: ‘BRT Sampler’ of The Business Roundtable Show w Matt Battaglia

1. Seg. 1 of 2/9/20 show – MB Solo – What Business Are You In? – McDonalds is a Real Estate Company

2. Seg. 2 of 2/9/20 show – Interview w Denver N / Wealth for Life of – Why You Should Own Assets

3. Seg. 1 of 2/16/20 show – MB Solo – Disruption in the Business World

4. Seg. 1 of 3/22/20 show – Interview w Denver N / Wealth for Life of – How to Navigate the Market with Real Diversification (in the Pandemic Crash)


BRT EP47 12-27-20 ‘BRT 2.0: Best of Tech 2020’

Topic: BRT 2.0: Best of Tech

Best of Tech on Business Roundtable Show w/ Matt Battaglia

1. Seg. 3 of 8/2/20 Show – Arizona Technology Council President Steve Zylstra
Talks tech industry in Phoenix, the big companies to watch, the history of tech in the desert, military contractors, and new companies moving to the Valley.

2. Seg. 2 of 11/8/20 Show – Naru of Aptus AI
A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) in major business arenas from Medicine, Bio-Tech, to Defense and more, plus what A.I. means in the bigger picture

3. Seg. 3 of 11/8/20 Show – John Denza with Errix on Blockchain
Talking Blockchain, what is it, and how it impacts the finance industry
Bitcoin, and other Crypto currencies vs traditional banking and money

4. Seg. 3 of 12/6/20 Show – James Bates with ADVInow
AdviNOW does all of that while enhancing the patient / provider relationship, protecting confidential data, and providing accurate, comprehensive chart and lab data when, where and how you need it.


BRT S02 EP01 01-03-21 – ‘BRT Bull Market: Best of Investing 2020’

Topic: BRT Bull Market: Best of Investing

Best of Investing on Business Roundtable Show w/ Matt Battaglia

1. Seg. 2 of 10/25/20 Show – Robert Reaburn / Lifepro
Robert’s Weekly Insights –
Being Emotional in investing is Detrimental
Do Not Pull Your $ from Stock Mkt going into the Election

2. Seg. 3 of 10/4/20 Show – Meb Faber of Cambria Investments
Blog and Books at
In depth discussion on investing, doing your research, Quant investing, and looking at stocks outside the US to diversify your portfolio.

3. Seg. 3 of 9/1320 Show – Tobias Carlisle Acquirers Multiple
Acquirers Multiple book and blog (
Investing is broken down with Toby’s philosophy on ‘Deep Value’, the Acquirers Multiple (purchasing the whole company), and value investing from Graham to Buffett.

4. Seg. 3 of 8/30/20 Show – Adam Coffey on Private Equity
author of The Private Equity Playbook
Peak behind the curtain of Private Equity, and learn how companies are bought, managed, financed, plus what metrics (EBITDA) are used for valuation. Unique perspective from someone who has run companies for PE Firms for the last 20 years.


BRT S02 EP07 02-14-2021 – ‘BRT Grows: Best of Cannabis 2020’

Topic: BRT Grows: Best of Cannabis 2020

1. Seg. 3 of 8/16/20 Show – Alan Brochstein CFA of
Alan covers the Cannabis industry, from investing ideas, to news

2. Seg. 1 of 8/23/20 Show – Interview w Adam Trenk / Rose Law Group – talks about the legality of Cannabis and Hemp

3. Seg. 3 of 8/23/20 Show – Melissa Diaz w/ Rebel Rock
Melissa discusses banking, accounting, regulations, and VC in Cannabis.

4. Seg. 3 of 10/18/20 Show –Guests: Melissa Diaz w/ Rebel Rock
Melissa discusses legality, Prop 207 in AZ, regulations, investing and VC in Cannabis. She does customized accounting solutions, HR, and M&A for the Cannabis industry in AZ.
Maurizio Terrigno – Canadian Cannabis Chamber of Commerce
Maurizio discusses Investment, and Fed regulation in the Cannabis industry in Canada, how it is federally legal, and the differences vs the U.S.



BRT S02 EP22 (69) 05-30-2021 – BRT 3.0 – Best Of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto 2021

Topic: BRT 3.0 – Best Of Bitcoin, Blockchain, and Crypto 2021

Clips from past show segments of BRT talking Crypto & Blockchain topics in 2021


  1. Clip from Seg. 3 of 11/8/2020 w/ John Denza, Erisx –

Talking Blockchain, what is it, and how it impacts the finance industry Bitcoin, and other Crypto currencies vs traditional banking and money

Clip from Seg. 2 of 12/6/20 w/ Todd Kartchner, Fennimore Craig

Todd is a thought leader in the burgeoning fields of blockchain and cryptocurrency law, including smart contracts and digital currencies and IP. He is knowledgeable in the SEC regulations applicable to these revolutionary technologies.

  1. Clips from Seg. 1 & 2 of 5/23/21 w/ Jason Yanowitz, Blockworks,

Jason’s background is in finance and VC work. He started Blockworks with his partner in 2018 to be the premiere source for blockchain and crypto news and information. The site has blogs, webinars, news stories and a podcast.

  1. Clips from Seg. 2 & 3 of 4/25/2021 w/ Cory Klippsten, Swan Bitcoin,

Cory Klippsten is the founder and CEO of  He also serves as an advisor to Riot Blockchain (NASDAQ: RIOT), Unchained Capital, and Bitcoin Venture Fund (TVP), and is a partner in Bitcoiner Ventures. Bitcoin Investing Made Easy. Swan is the best way to accumulate Bitcoin with automatic recurring and instant buys using your bank account, or wires up to $10M.

  1. Clips from Seg. 3 & 4 of 6-2021 Greg Foss Executive Director – Strategic Initiatives Validus Power Corp,

Greg Foss is a former credit trader, who has worked in finance and the bond markets for nearly 30 years. This talk is a breakdown a paper Greg recently wrote entitled – ‘Why Every Fixed Income Investor Should Needs to Own Bitcoin as Portfolio Insurance’.

He gives an overview of the credit markets, how bonds work, interest rates and inflation and US Treasury historical rates. Greg ties this to the overall market, currencies (fiat and hard assets), stocks and the effects current Government deficits have.





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