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EK 101 - Core 3 Concepts



EK 101

Wealth Advice Simplified


Game Plan = Offense/Defense

It’s not all Offense, or all Defense, it’s the Combo of Both – Balance.
Most Financial Plans only Focus on Offense (ie – stocks), ever chasing higher returns.
With no Defensive Component, Taxes drain your funds on the back end.
If you Save $15K a year in taxes in retirement, over 20 years = $300K in savings.


You need a Strategy that:
  • Makes Money whether the Market goes Up or Down
  • Has Tax Protection
  • Locks in Gains
  • Protects your Principal

Architect = Acquire Assets

Over the long term, Assets that appreciate are the best way to Grow Wealth.
These include Stocks, Real Estate, CV Life Insurance, Alternative Investments, and Commodities.
Owning a Cash Flowing Business can be your largest and best asset.


Having access to Capital (cash or credit lines) is crucial to Acquire Assets at Good Prices.
You never know when an Opportunity will arise to take Advantage of


Good Assets can:
  • Act as Security for Collateral to borrow money
  • Hedge against Inflation vs. holding cash that devalues over time
  • Provides Real Diversification in any economic climate by owning different Asset Classes

Endgame = Exit Strategy

Business Professionals need a long term plan, to enhance their options

We believe You should be able to Exit the Workplace on your Own Terms, not someone else’s.

Most professionals have not given enough thought to their future, particularly an Exit Strategy

You’ve Worked Hard for what you’ve Earned. Now you need a Tax Control Plan for your Wealth.

Tax Free Matching Strategy:

  • Grows your Wealth 60% faster
  • Protects your Principal
  • Provides You a Tax Free Exit at Retirement ($0 Taxes)


Business Rules – 

Business Organized in 7 Rules

Finance Recap – 

Finance Down to 7 Concepts

More About the Concepts: Click Here

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Tax Free Matching

Intro to Tax Free Matching Strategy

How Does Tax-Free Matching Strategy Work?


Protects Wealth from Future Tax Increases & Market Losses


Up to 3 to 1 Matching on Client Contributions

Strategy has over $2 Billion Funded & In Force

The Fastest Way to Create LARGE Tax Free Income Streams for Your Retirement



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Tax Protection

Tax Protection

Learn the Basics of Tax Protection.

Pay your fair share but not more than you should.

One of the most overlooked areas in financial planning for households with income over $100k.

This can have a Massive Impact on your Financial Future, as Taxes will be your Biggest Expense in Retirement.


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Tax Guide



Tax Guide


The Hidden Tax Threat for the Six Figure Earner

The More You Earn, the More Vulnerable You are to Tax Increases.

If You Earn more than $100K / year, then Taxes will be your Biggest Expense in Retirement.

What You Don’t Know Could Cost You Six Figures  or More in Extra Taxes!

Qualified Plans (401K, IRA, SEP IRA) are NOT Tax Savings Plans, they are Tax Deferral Plans. Uncle Sam (Gov’t) will get his ‘cut’ at some point. The Bill always comes Due.

Do You Know What the Tax Rates will be in the Future?

Do You Know What Percentage You Will Lose to Uncle Sam?

Do You Have a Tax Control Plan to Minimize This?

Your Retirement Account will be quite large in the next 20 years +, $1 mil, maybe more.

If you Save $15K a year in taxes in retirement, over 20 years

= $300K in savings.


Would You Like to Know a Strategy that Can Do This?  

Download the Tax Guide to help Protect You from Long Term Tax Traps.



Tax Brackets Strategy

Tax Protection

Tax Brackets Strategy :

Taxes vs. Market Losses – Which is worse?


Taxes are a guaranteed 25% to 50% loss each year.

Market losses are bad, but unless you sell, those losses are only on paper. Markets also recover.

Money paid in taxes is gone.

People often underestimate the amount of wealth taxes drain off:



How many years will you spend in retirement?

$23,237 x 25 years in retirement =  $580,925

What can that money grow to if you keep it invested vs. sending it to the IRS?

$1 million?  $2 million or more?


What would this mean to your lifestyle in retirement? Your legacy?

We all need to pay our fair share but I would rather retain an extra million in wealth vs. pay it all out in taxes.


I think I can do more good in the world by managing and directing the funds.

Get a recap of the strategy here: HERE


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Lock In Gains

How To Lock In Gains


The Stock Market is great when it’s up. Not so much when it’s down. This is true of all Assets.

It’s great to have a Strategy that “Locks in Gains”, so You Keep What You Earn.

  • Gains Lock In every 12 months, & Cannot Be Lost due to future market downturns
  • Available on Indexed Insurance Products (such as indexed annuities & indexed life insurance)
  • Just like any other investment, some are great, some are not
  • Protecting some of your Gains can help you get better growth on your other assets
  • It feels Good to Lock in Gains and know you Won’t Lose Them in the future!


Check out this video for more Info: https://wealthforlife.net/eliminate-bear-markets/


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Lock In Gains


Concept: Locking in Gains in Volatile Markets

It’s important to have some assets that provide protection from market losses.

A newer strategy we use is called Index Lock.  This allows us to lock in gains anytime during the year.

It’s available on the 3 to 1 matching program, certain annuities and indexed life products.

We’ve had over 10,000 lock-ins for clients with great results.

Once gains are locked, they are protected and cannot be lost in the future due to market downturns.

This can be done manually, as we see reports weekly or we can also set auto-lock targets.

Example 12% – then it would automatically lock in the gains if the index hit that level.


Lock In Gains V1 – wealthforlife

Here’s a quick video if you’d like to see how it works: HERE


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Historical Tax Rates



Historical Tax Rates

Historical Tax Rates have been as high as 70% for top earners.

Do you think rates will got to 70% again? This may not happen,

but what about increases of 5 or 10%? 

Using the Tax Code to Reduce or eliminate Taxes 

can be one of the biggest things you do to Increase your Financial Security.

This post gives a brief history of tax rates, and a breakdown example:



The Objective is to move more of your money into a long term Tax Free position

We usually use Insurance Strategies for our Clients to carry this out.

(Tax Free Matching being the most popular). 

It is Important to have your funds Separated into 3 Types of Accounts:

  • Taxed – Normal W2 income (1099, salary, etc.), Investments (maybe Taxed at lower Cap Gains rates)

  • Tax Deferred – typical retirement accounts like 401K, IRA

  • Tax Free – Insurance Accounts, or Roth IRA

Most professionals have all of their money in the Taxed, or Tax Deferred categories which lacks balance. 

The Problem is all of your money is exposed to either the Current Government Tax Code – or the unpredictable Future Tax Code. 

Either way, you have less Certainty of what you will be paying. 

Moving money into a Tax Free position can help you Increase your Wealth, and potentially save you six figures or more in taxes.

This blog reviews the Benefits of Insurance Strategies:




If you would like to figure out how much of your funds are in each type of Tax Account, you can:

Download the Tax Protection Worksheet Here


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Financial Leverage



Financial Leverage

How Financial Leverage Multiplies Wealth

There are advanced startegies that the wealthy use.


Financial leverage is one of the greatest way to multiply wealth.

In essence, it helps you create more wealth with less capital.


They key to using financial leverage is to do this safely.


This video is part of the Tax Free Matching Info that allows you to use financial leverage to create tax free income.



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RMD - Required Minimum Distributions



RMD - Required Minimum Distributions

Taxes in Retirement on a $500K IRA

If you are planning on retirement income over $100,000 per year taxes could be one of your biggest expenses.

The top 10% of Americans pay 70% of all federal taxes and most likely taxes will not go down in the future.

On a $500,000 IRA you could end up paying over $250,000 in taxes!


So getting money into a tax free position can help you increase your wealth and potentially save you six figures or more in taxes.

When you reach age 70½, you’re required to withdraw a certain amount of money from your retirement accounts each year. That amount is called a required minimum distribution, or RMD.

RMD’s are forced distributions by the IRS on your retirement accounts. This can cause you to pay a lot more in taxes in retirement than you may have planned for.


RMD rules apply to tax-deferred retirement accounts:

Traditional IRAs
Rollover IRAs
Most small-business accounts
Most 401(k) and 403(b) plans
Defined Benefit Plans


This money comes out taxed as ordinary income. Just like it is while you are working.

These distributions can put you in a higher tax bracket. Plus you are not only paying taxes on the money you put in, but taxes on all the compound growth as well.

By creating different tax buckets, taxable, tax deferred and tax free you can avoid the excess taxation trap and have more money to spend.


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Tax Free Matching - Webinar



TFM - Education

Tax Free Matching – Webinar Replay


  • Good overview of plan details
  • Client Q & A
  • Deeper dive into certain elements of the strategy


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Top 3 Wealth Hacks - Arbitrage + Leverage + Capital Efficiency



TFM - Education

Top 3 Wealth Hacks For High Income Professionals: 

Arbitrage + Leverage + Capital Efficiency =

Greater Wealth with the Same Effort

Hacking Wealth: What are the shortcuts that will help you get the most from your finances?


The idea of hacking is to get the most out of what you are doing.  To make “it” work better in the most efficient, productive way possible.

What’s the most nutritious fruit? Great, I’ll eat blueberries instead of cantaloupe.

What’s the best workout I can get in the least amount of time? Great, I’ll do H.I.I.T. for 10 minutes instead of jogging for an hour.   

What’s the best way to achieve my goals? Great, I will set my intention and visualize every day.

It is in that spirit, that these wealth hacks work.  Multiple careers, creating businesses, building income streams. 

This is the New Financial Life. The idea of working for 45 years and retiring is dead.

Becoming a superstar in the given projects you are working on…Being the best at your chosen vocation…Building income streams from multiple sources so you can have more time with family, friends, and community. 

The freedom and flexibility to contribute and give value when and where you choose for your entire life.

This is the New Financial Life and these Three Wealth Hacks will help you live it. 

The Wealth Hacks listed below are not new. There are multiple billions-of-dollars employed into these strategies.

But, I apologize up front, they are not particularly simple. If you have a financial background, the concepts will resonate right away.

If this is new to your wheel-house, check out the video overviews and you will pick it up quickly.


  • Wealth Hack #1: Arbitrage – Create 25% or more wealth with the same money
  • Wealth Hack #2: Leverage – Save Less, Get More
  • Wealth Hack #3: Capital Efficiency – Downside Protection, Locking In Gains, Tax Efficiency 


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BRT Podcast - FinEd



BRT Podcast - FinEd

BRT Podcast – Financial Education


More Info: https:/brt-show.libsyn.com/

Download the Media Kit: Here

Thank you for Listening.


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