Here is a rundown of the shows posted in January 2021. Please tune in and enjoy.


Business Roundtable with Matt Battaglia

The show where EntrepreneursHigh Level Executives, Business Owners, and Investors come to share insight and ideas about the future of businessBRT 2.0 looks at the new trends in business, and how classic industries are evolving

Common Topics Discussed: Business, Entrepreneurship, Investing, Stocks, Cannabis, Tech, Blockchain / Crypto, Real Estate, Legal, Sales, Charity, and more… 

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BRT S02 EP05 01-31-21 ‘Vehicle 2.0 – Tech Meets Transportation’

Topic: Vehicle 2.0 – Tech Meets Transportation

Guests: Mark Hanchett CEO & Founder of Atlis Motor Vehicles

Electric vehicles history, and the inspiration for Atlis Motors. Atlis is an energy company, the Apple of electric vehicles and the truck is their I-Pod. Electric trucks, engine battery, and battery design. Where (and how) is the battery produced?

Difference between electric car and hybrid like Prius. We dispel myth that Tesla is the only player in the industry.  Current state of the industry, plus what is the future of the industry – will all cars be hybrid or electric?

Robert Brown  Senior Director of External Affairs at TuSimple

TuSimple is an autonomous (driverless) truck company using AI software to control the truck with a driver riding in the cab. They are operational on a test basis from Az to Texas, and expect to be live in 2024. Robert talks about the technology of the AI trucks, safety protocol, and the process to get Gov’t agreement. Then he tells of the future of the truck market, truck driver employment. 



BRT S02 EP04 01-24-21 ‘Happy New Investing Year & Stocks’

Topic: Happy New Investing Year & Stocks

Guests: Guests: Robert Raeburn with Life Pro Asset Mgmt

Robert’s Weekly Insights –

Robert’s core philosophy on picking stocks – good companies that are growing, leadership position in their industry, positive cash flow, good balance sheets, and low debt. Keep it simple and understand what you invest in.

Zero to One (book) commentary of good business that execute at scale and reach customers efficiently. Diversification myths, and why you should hold 20 – 25 stocks in a portfolio to avoid concentration risk. Robert tells of the issues with the S&P and its Zombie Co. problem.

Also, we review Value Investing and PE Rations vs growth and how to evaluate. Then move on to the current Low Inflation – Fed inflating asset classes, keeping money cheap with high supply. Robert likes a stable environment with the economy plus a good credit market.  

Denver Nowicz of

Denver talks investing, and how he helps clients with their retirement. The importance of picking good companies, and thinking long term. How he and his team evaluate investments daily, very tactical to focus on growth.  


BRT S02 EP03 01-17-21 ‘Tower Farming and Cannabis Business’

Topic: Tower Farming and Cannabis Business

Guests: Troy Albright, Rph of True Garden (f 2013) & Rx Formulations

Tower framing, greenhouses, location in Mesa, AZ, local grown food distributed to local restaurants and markets. Background as a chemist and pharmacist who worked in alternative medicine previously.

Sells Tower Farms, advises on their use both personally and for business (also advises Cannabis companies in U.S. and Europe). This tech uses less water, less land, and grows clean food. Example of his Greenhouse of 5000 sq ft, that grows 1 acre of food on 1/9 the land size.

Alan Brochstein CFA of New Cannabis Ventures

Alan covers the Cannabis industry, from investing ideas to news. He discusses AZ legalization in 11/2020, the Cannabis farming industry, from indoor to out-door, and green houses. Alan breaks down the Cannabis product, what is used for smoked product vs extracted products.

Denver Nowicz of

Innovation in business, and using tech to upgrade the traditional biz – ex. Fintech. What to look for w/ investments, be adaptable and Trend following – monitor business and tech news.


BRT S02 EP02 01-10-21 ‘Start Your Business New Year – Networking & Recruiting’

Topic: Start Your Business New Year – Networking & Recruiting

Guests: Gelie of Networking Phoenix

Entrepreneur – Community Leader – TEDx Presenter – Mentor – Momma

Gelie hosts weekly Friday networking calls virtually

Networking, process and tips, importance of relationships, how to use social media to connect, and the don’ts of the whole process, use Ice Breakers to build connection and establish commonalities and likeability

Gelie is a Russian immigrant that came to the US in 1989. After working in the corporate world, she started Networking Phx on 1/1/2008, in midst of economic crash, as a source to connect netwkg events, pre-social media

Tips – Relationships and Reputation: Not just who you know, but who knows you. Build your network before you need it

Ian Freeman – Vertical Move

Recruiting Basics, Benefits to using a recruiter, process for recruiting, Value of Relationships and contacts in business

Pandemic 2020 gave excuse to Co’s that wanted to Level up and trim bad employees, bottom 10%, then created lots of job supply and demand goes down, stay at your job if you have one, and go job searching later in 2021, lots of competition now for jobs

Co. always pays for recruitment service, but if Ian places a CIO at a Walmart, for example then that CIO may hire Ian for their recruiting needs or future hires

Tips for a recruit – High EQ, Asks Qs, presents well as a bad client (recruit) represents on Ian Reputation

LinkedIn – update your profile with specific skills for recruiters to find you, it is your public resume, so use proper keywords that describe jobs, especially if you have a niche skill

Who should use a recruiter? – Exec, C Level, VP, etc., or have 7+ years experience or specific niche skill, If you have Little experience (less than 5 yrs) or entry level, then no 


BRT S02 EP01 01-03-21 – ‘BRT Bull Market: Best of Investing 2020’

Topic: BRT Bull Market: Best of Investing

Best of Investing on Business Roundtable Show w/ Matt Battaglia

1. Seg. 2 of 10/25/20 Show – Robert Reaburn / Lifepro

Robert’s Weekly Insights –

Being Emotional in investing is Detrimental

Do Not Pull Your $ from Stock Mkt going into the Election

2. Seg. 3 of 10/4/20 Show – Meb Faber of Cambria Investments

Blog and Books at

In depth discussion on investing, doing your research, Quant investing, and looking at stocks outside the US to diversify your portfolio.

3. Seg. 3 of 9/1320 Show – Tobias Carlisle Acquirers Multiple

Acquirers Multiple book and blog (

Investing is broken down with Toby’s philosophy on ‘Deep Value’, the Acquirers Multiple (purchasing the whole company), and value investing from Graham to Buffett.

4. Seg. 3 of 8/30/20 Show – Adam Coffey on Private Equity

author of The Private Equity Playbook

Peak behind the curtain of Private Equity, and learn how companies are bought, managed, financed, plus what metrics (EBITDA) are used for valuation. Unique perspective from someone who has run companies for PE Firms for the last 20 years.